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‘The Virus Will Disappear Right After the Election’ Says Clueless Man Who Books Family Vacation to Europe the Week After the U.S. Election

NASHVILLE, TN – Local garbage man Jerry Kluklukson has booked an expensive nonrefundable two-week European vacation for him and his family for the week after the U.S. election despite there being a pandemic ravaging through most of the world. On top of the pandemic, most countries aren’t allowing Americans in right now due to America’s […]Read More

‘The Virus is Fake’ Says Woman Who Has Way Too Much Free Time

Arlington, VA – An Arlington woman claims the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is completely fake, which most believe is a result of her having way too much free time. Tori Ells, 43, claims the entire pandemic and everything related to it is a fake attempt by billionaires around the world to ‘turn us into sheep’. Despite […]Read More