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After Trump Loss, Republicans Promise to Go Back to Classic Conservatism Such As Endless Wars, Tax-Cuts for the Wealthy, and Destruction of the Planet

WASHINGTON – After coming to terms with the loss of current President Donald Trump to President-Elect Joe Biden, many Republicans promise to go back to classic conservatism such as endless wars, tax cuts for the wealthy, and destruction of the planet.  “I know how people are thinking about the conservative movement right now because of […]Read More

President Trump Signs Executive Order Saying Only Patriotic Americans With IQ’s of 70 or Below Will Have Their Votes Count Towards the Upcoming Election

WASHINGTON – President Trump announced today that he will be signing an executive order that only people with an IQ of 70 or below will have their votes accepted and counted in the election. All other votes, according to the order, will be thrown away. “I feel that intelligent people tend to overthink things like […]Read More

President Trump Brings His Own Microphone To Interrupt Biden While He Talks After Being Told Their Microphones Would Shut Off When the Other Person Was Talking

NASHVILLE, TN – The final Presidential debate turned out to be nothing less than a free for all just like the first debate. After President Trump constantly interrupted former Vice President Joe Biden in the first debate, the Presidential debate commission decided to turn off each candidate’s microphone while the other was talking for this […]Read More

President Trump Doesn’t Think People Should Be Afraid of COVID-19 as Long as They Have Access to Experimental Treatments, a Helicopter, and a Private Suite

WASHINGTON – President Trump announced today as he headed back to the White House after spending a few days recovering from COVID-19 at Walter Reed Medical Center, that no one should be afraid of COVID-19, as long as they receive the same experimental treatment he had and a helicopter. “I just don’t understand what the […]Read More