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God Turns Out to Be Real After Rush Limbaugh Announces His Cancer is Terminal

PALM BEACH, FL – With many Americans losing their faith in God because of the dreadful extremities faced throughout 2021, God turned out to be real after propagandist and fearmonger Rush Limbaugh announced his cancer is terminal. The report comes after Limbaugh made the announcement his cancer has progressed to stage four, highlighting how he […]Read More

Jesus Has Risen From the Dead! But White Evangelical Christians are Calling Him an Imposter Since He’s Not White

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Jesus Christ almighty himself has finally, after over two thousand years, risen from the dead. A victory parade is scheduled for this Wednesday through Jerusalem. Almost all people across the world are rejoicing in his return. Ironically, Americans seem to be the only people not happy with Jesus’ return. White evangelical Christians […]Read More