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Man Prefers Steak-umm as His Favorite Steak Over Filet Mignon

TULSA, OK – Local man, Richie Forker, absolutely loves steak-umm, the high fat, low quality beef that comes in a frozen shingle form. Forker loves them so much in fact, that he prefers them over all other cuts of steak, including filet mignon, porterhouse, and strip steak. “Steak-umms are just by far the best kind […]Read More

Family On Carnivore Diet Surprisingly All Have Heart Attacks

ATLANTA, GA – While telling the world how excited they are about their new diet, a local Georgia family on the carnivore diet has surprisingly all died from heart attacks. The report comes after the Stepcowski family proudly told the world about their recent health-conscious decision to embark on a carnivore diet. However, their tellings […]Read More