‘Socialism is Evil’ Says Man Who Would Greatly Benefit From Socialism

 ‘Socialism is Evil’ Says Man Who Would Greatly Benefit From Socialism

CASPER, WYOMING – A Wyoming man proudly dismantled the thrown of socialism, despite desperately needing more socialism in his life.

Jerry Scott, 59, has been on disability for the last 10 years and barely makes ends meet from the various social services of Wyoming. Scott is scared of losing his house but fears socialism more than anything else.

“Yeah well, you know, the Soviet Union was socialist and they killed everyone. All I need here is the flag, the bible, and to trust our amazing president,” said Scott, adding how nothing will convince him otherwise.

If healthcare were to become socialized in the U.S. and disability benefits were to increase, Scott would be able to live a comfortable life without having to risk his health working again.

“You know, Bernie Sanders wants healthcare to be a right, but that just isn’t possible. I’ll proudly wait for my time to work again and get back to it. You got to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

After being told the U.S. is the richest country in the world and could easily expand social services and socialize the healthcare system, Scott said it simply wasn’t true. Adding how the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, and socialism has no place here.

Scott has medical debts approaching over $100,000, but from his perspective, solving that issue is inherently evil. 

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