Man Looks Out Window Mysteriously For No Particular Reason

 Man Looks Out Window Mysteriously For No Particular Reason

LAREDO, TX – After a string of dreary days and feeling unsure what to do next, a local Texas man is reportedly looking out of his living room window very mysteriously for no particular reason at all. 

Philip Lossen, 28, lives alone and hasn’t had a friend or partner’s company in a long time. Regardless of this, Lossen feels ‘completely fine’ and is reportedly looking out of a window due to pure boredom.

“I don’t get why people care that I’m looking out of this window. There isn’t anything else to do, yet me looking out of this window is the end of the world? It doesn’t make any sense,” said Lossen while gulping down a Fiji water quicker than usual.

“Some people enjoy reading, watching movies, or hanging with friends, I like looking out my window. There’s so much going on, and it helps the time go by a bit faster.”

Lossen is reportedly going to look out his window for the rest of his life whenever he has free time. When asked what he’ll do if he’ll find a partner or a friend that’ll visit, Lossen claimed the two of them can look out of the window together. 

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