Family Celebrates Halfway Point to Not Talking Anymore

 Family Celebrates Halfway Point to Not Talking Anymore

Reno, NV-Feeling happy that their youngest son just graduated 8th grade, parents Tom and Daisy Widdlestone decided to throw a party to celebrate the halfway point to when they’ll no longer be talking to each other. 

“We’re really excited that Larry is already done with middle school. He only has high school, and college until we all stop communicating to each other and practically get new lives,” said Mrs. Widdlestone, adding the fact that she and her husband have been talking about the moment where they can get divorced and no longer talk to their child or each other since they first had their son. 

“I really think Larry is excited too. He’ll finally be able to live his own life and never have to deal with his parents ever again. Such a great feeling knowing we’re halfway there, and I can’t wait to celebrate it with my family!” said Mr. Widdlestone, adding he can’t wait to just play golf and no longer have to worry about anyone else.

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